Monday, March 21, 2011

Love Bug Logan

Oh I just love this little boy! He is 100% boy. Let me share a story - WARNING - this is a little graphic. Mom came to visit about a month ago. We were doing our normal thing getting the kids bathed and ready for bed. At this age Courtney and Logan still shower or bathe together so we were shuffling them out of the bath and into their rooms to get their jammies on. I was drying off Courtney and Logan was standing in front of Mom facing me. He was, you know, playing with himself. I give him the look and tell him, "Logan, stop touching your penis."

He quickly responded with his head tilted to one side and a glint in his eyes, "I'm not Mom, I'm touching my balls."

Trying not to laugh, I said, "Well then stop touching your balls."

Right as I said this his naked self leaps by me. He whips around and says, "You stop touching your balls Mom!"

I looked at Mom who could hardly keep a straight face and we just all started laughing. I couldn't even discipline him. Who says that?! He is always saying funny things like that. I can't remember if I shared this one before, but it is worth repeating if I have. At our old ward (church) there was an older gentleman who always gave candy out to the kids. The first Sunday of every month is fast Sunday. One fast Sunday we were on our way home from church. The kids were talking about different things they learned, etc. Logan then proceeds to tell Jeremy, "Jeremy, we didn't get any candy today because the "Candy Man" only gives us candy on slow Sundays." It still makes me laugh!

Logan has a sweet spirit about him. He is all boy, but still loves to snuggle up and come in for a fix. I am going to be so sad when he stops wanting to cuddle. Every night we have to do a hug, kiss and a nose fight! He has such a tender heart and is sensitive, but in a much different way than Jeremy. The time apart from Jeremy is killing him. He misses Jeremy so much. I asked what he missed about Jeremy and he told me, " I miss everything about him."

He is playing T-ball and loves the fact that Bryan is coaching. Bryan just bought him a new glove so he has been practicing catching. If he could, he would do nothing but play baseball. He still wants to sleep in his baseball pants every now and again. At his opening ceremonies last weekend I couldn't help but envision us being at those ball fields for many years to come!

This week Logan will be sporting a look he left for a while - glasses. We went ahead and got a second opinion since his right eye still turns in a little after two surgeries. His eyesight is the same in both eyes which is good, but is 20/30. Not too bad. The plan for the next month is to see if maybe his eye will straighten out with the glasses. The doctor isn't too hopeful since he is only a little farsighted. So we should be scheduling a third eye surgery in the next month. I will keep you all posted!

As you can see in his picture he did lose a tooth. Well, he had it pulled because a long time ago he fell and killed his tooth (I am not sure if that is how you explain it?). It was fine for a few years, but then it became infected so out it came. He was pretty excited because he was the first Kohler kid to lose a tooth and have the tooth fairy come!

That just about sums up my little love bug. I sure love my boys! There is definitely something special about them! Keep us laughing Logan, we love you!

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