Sunday, February 28, 2010

Quick Update

We ended up doing a culture on Courtney's right ear. We find out tomorrow what it is and how we will treat it. The options are more oral antibiotics, going to an infectious disease doctor, removing the tube they just put in, patching her eardrum and doing more antibiotics, or iv antibiotics. So, we shall see!

On another note Jeremy has decided not to play baseball. He was all signed up, but hadn't started yet. Bryan and the boys went down to the mission by our house (big lawn area) to play ball. Logan can't get enough baseball and would sleep in his baseball pants if he could! They were playing and then somehow Bryan and Jeremy started talking. Bryan asked him if he really wanted to play. Apparently Jeremy hesitated and then told Bryan that he really didn't want to. Bryan told him it was okay and that he just needed to tell him, etc. So, Bryan came home feeling bad, not so much because Jeremy didn't want to play (he was a little bummed about it) but because Jeremy thought Bryan would be disappointed!

Oh, my heart went out to both of them. Late last night the little ones went to bed so Jeremy and I had ice cream cones and Bryan sat at the table with us. Jeremy is really into music and loves to sing, etc. He asked if he could take guitar lessons. Bryan told him at the table he could and we discussed practicing and the responsibility, etc. He was and is truly excited about taking lessons, he lit up. Never did so much about baseball.

As for Logan - he is great! It is never a dull moment with him! Our house has been on the market so the other day we had a showing. Jeremy wasn't too happy about it as he doesn't want to move. I went on to explain that the Lord is in charge and we will move in His time, etc. So the next morning after breakfast Logan asks me, "Mommy, when is Jesus going to sell our house." It still makes me chuckle!!

And last, but certainly not least, Bryan has started taking, drum roll please...................................... bagpipe lessons!!! Yep, my hotty, fireman hubby is going to be wearing a skirt, I mean kilt!!! It is for the fire department and he is getting better every day, but this too, makes me chuckle!! Love ya babe!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Yep, I am a thief! I stole this video from this blog that I follow. It was such a good, quick explanation of how the cochlear implant works, I thought I had to have it! Thank you Lone Star Family!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Late Catch Up

A week has already passed since my baby boy turned 4! Logan James is now, "A different person," according to him! We had a joint birthday party with a friend from Jeremy's class at Sunshine Cottage (pictures to come). All he wanted was cake and balloons, but he also got a rented jump castle, friends, pizza and presents! He was so cute. Logan is our funny guy, all middle child! He has a twinkle in his eyes and such a love bug! When he is really buttering you up, he, "Gets some sugar!" Oh, we just love him so much!

This past Saturday he had a T-ball clinic. He was so excited. Bryan took him the day before to Academy for baseball pants and socks. He woke up a little after 6am Saturday asking if he could put on his new baseball pants and if it was time to go to his game yet! He also got a new bat a few weeks prior, but it was on timeout since Logan hit Courtney in the face with it and gave her a black eye! Anywho, he loves baseball and can't wait for Saturday to come again to go to his "game".

On another note, Courtney is in a big girl bed! Her crib turns into a toddler bed and since Logan and Courtney are so close in age, we never used it that way before!! I am a believer of keeping kids in cribs as long as you can. Well, the time came! I heard a blood curdling scream and found her face down on the ground. Yep, she tried to climb out. I knew it was coming, but the boys would just monkey their way down, not Courtney! So far it hasn't been too bad. However, it is difficult trying to tell a deaf girl to get back in bed. It's kind of interesting!! I am seeing that she can read lips. I told her after laying with her for a while, "Okay, Courtney it is time to go night night." She said, "Okay, night night." People told me she would do this and in the middle of the night if she woke up sick or whatever that we would be able to carry on a "normal" conversation, but it was hard to believe. It's actually kind of amazing!!

The flip side of Courtney is that she is battling an ear infection even after removing those adenoids and 2nd set of tubes. So, we are on a high dose of antibiotic ear drops and a wick in her ear to keep the drops in. We go back on Thursday to take the wick out. Then we wait 72 hours. If there is any drainage at all we have to do a culture. Depending on what the culture comes back with, if we have to do it, we will either do IV antibiotics or re-do the tube. This isn't the first time we have done a wick and a culture so we shall see!! I'm just really hoping for no drainage after Thursday!!

Jeremy is doing great in school and just went to a baseball clinic on Saturday as well. He loved it and did great! He also gave his first talk in church on Sunday. Oh y goodness it warmed my heart! He did so good! He was so nervous, but didn't need any help. We practiced reading it and then he skyped with his grandparents in CA and practiced for them the night before On Sunday he was so scared he just couldn't look up at anyone! He has such a sweet spirit! It worked out for Bryan to be there as well to see his first talk, yahoo!

Well, that is about it for now! I am really trying to post more regularly, but it is hard!! More pictures to come soon!