Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Catching Up!

Courtney continues to amaze all of us. At her last hearing test she was almost hearing at the normal range across all frequencies. We all got a little emotional because we just couldn't believe it. She is now waving hi and bye bye with no visual cues. Shakes her head no when you say, "No." She babbles mama, nana, moo, ah ah, and screeches at the sight of her brothers. Tonight she heard our clock sing for the first time - I have waited a long time for that! And, she pointed and waved up to her baby dolls when I said, "Night night baby dolls." (No visual cues) She really can hear! I haven't done a very good job documenting her progress, I better get on it for 2009.

We did have a scare a few weeks ago since she is 15 months and still doesn't have any teeth. However, x-rays confirmed she has teeth, she is just taking her time getting them in! I was freaking out! Just to reassure me, the receptionist at the dentist office sent me a copy of the x-ray. I am tempted to frame it! Ha! Other than an upper respiratory infection a few weeks ago and a current ear infection she is doing great!

Jeremy continues to love school and is reading better and better everyday. He loves all of his teachers and is still quite the story teller. He is so good with his brother and sister - always helping them from putting Courtney's coils back on to putting on Logan's socks and shoes to go outside. I can't believe he is already half way through kindergarten! Where has the time gone!

As for Logan... he is a mess. We can sum Logan up in one story that I will make short. While he and Jeremy were eating a snack he decided to get on top of the dining room table and jump. When he did his head hit the light fixture which is like a giant bowl, and it shattered into a billion pieces. Somehow, we didn't have to go to the ER even though Jeremy sparkled with glass, including his ears! Just a few, and I mean a few, tiny cuts between the two of them and one GIANT mess to clean up! Logan is always into something if it isn't jumping on the table when no one is looking it is baby powdering his room, breaking ornaments, or hair spraying our room! We still love him all the same!

We also found out last week that Logan will be having eye surgery in BOTH eyes the day before his birthday on January 30th. It is an outpatient procedure and should take between an hour and a half to an hour and forty-five minutes. After Courtney's six hour surgery I feel like I can do anything! They said he would be fine to have a party the next day, just his eyes will be red. That is definitely reassuring!

For Christmas this year the kids made a special request for Santa to come this morning since Daddy had to work today until tomorrow. They thought that was pretty cool and can't wait until Bryan gets home tomorrow to open up the rest of the presents under the tree. Since I am off for a few weeks I am hoping to post a few pictures soon.

I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas!