Friday, January 22, 2010

We survived!

W did survive, but it was a challenge!! When we arrived this morning Dr. Syms informed me with Courtney's history of ear infections that we should go ahead and remove her adenoids! A little longer of a procedure and a whole lot more anesthesia and all that comes along with that, but we survived! We felt it best to do it while she was under rather than schedule another procedure.

Courtney is soundly, safely sleeping in bed! Glad it is over and that Bryan is home! Note to self, never schedule a 10 minute procedure of any kind unless both parents can attend! You never know what the doctor may want to do!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Frazzled, but survived!

If you know me and I mention that I am going to take all 3 of my children to a 3 hour doctor's appointment (yes, I knew it would be 2.5 to 3 hours BEFORE I went) please try to talk me out of it. Especially if I mention that all 3 of them will be getting up at 6am and Courtney won't be able to take a nap.

Yep, I took them all to a have their eyes checked. Logan had a follow up and Courtney and Jeremy needed to be examined. The staff and doctors were great and very patient with us. It was the worst Courtney has ever behaved. Ear piercing screams at the top of her lungs, running and slamming the exam room door, and collapsing on the ground are just a few of the tricks she used. I sat with her, I talked, I distracted, I fed her, I tried everything, but nothing worked. Logan would look at her wrong and she would yell, "Owe!" What? Logan didn't even touch her!! The nurses would come in with they toys that they kept for, "These kinds of situations."

Then, little Miss Sassy Pants, gets up in the exam chair and is a perfect angel for the doctor. Great! We are out of the woods! Nope, she gets down runs out the door, runs back in and hits Logan. The doctor reassures me it is okay, he has a 2 year old. I am dying, frazzled by this point. Courtney proceeds to push Logan so the doctor gets down eye level with Courtney and tells her hitting is not allowed in his office (all very kind) and that if she does it again she won't be able to go to the prize box. She knew she was in trouble so she starts to scream.

At this point the doctor hadn't discussed with me Logan's results from his October surgery, if it took, etc. Jeremy and Courtney were good to go. The screaming continues every time we try to talk so the nurse takes all of the kids to get prizes so we can talk. I wanted to shut the door and lock it for just a minute. They all picked out a prize or two and we wonder why Courtney is persistent. She always gets what she wants!!

The kids almost all got a good report. Courtney has to come back in a year (can't wait), but doesn't need glasses or have any signs of crossing, etc. Neither does Jeremy, yahoo! Logan is good for now, but his measurements from his last appointment to this one have gotten worse as far as crossing. His vision is great, but we are in a "tweener" stage according to the doctor. We don't have to do anything now, but in 4 months if it gets any worse we may have to do another surgery.

So, in the end I survived , frazzled, but alive! I called Bryan who is in Utah until tomorrow night to give him a full report and let him know that Courtney's neurotologist called to schedule another set of tubes for tomorrow morning. He offered to come home early, but I figured if I can survive 3 of them at the doctor, I can survive a 10 minute procedure even if it does require general anesthesia!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am horrible with a camera and trying to remember to grab the camera, but not my mom! Whenever she comes she always gets the best shots! I have included a sample of a few of my favorites. I love these little guys so much and am so thankful for my family. Their love for not only Bryan and I, but for each other is beautiful, innocent and so pure. Thank you Jeremy, Logan and Courtney for bringing us a lot of love (and chaos)! I can't imagine it any other way!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thank you to a tooth

Dear Tooth,

I just wanted to thank you so much for joining our group of friends. The two kids downstairs were getting lonely because no one else seemed to be showing up! If you could encourage your other friends that have been hiding underground with you to come up for some sunshine that would be wonderful. We have been trying for some time to eat popcorn, meat and expand our taste buds, but it just gets difficult, if not depressing doing it alone.

I am on the welcoming committee and we need more individuals like yourself to join us. Courtney provides us with a great place to live and grow. We are just thrilled that you are here. Again, I just wanted to extend my gratitude for arriving. It is better late than never! I hope you grow to be nice, pretty and strong. See you around.

Your new friend, Molar. (I am the one upstairs in the far back right corner!)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Holiday Pictures

We took so many pictures over the holidays that I thought it would be best to just put in separate slideshows of the highlights. Not all of my pictures are downloaded yet, but it's a start!

The first one is baking Christmas cookies!

Sunshine Cottage Party

The last day before Christmas break Logan's teacher invited us for a holiday party. The kids are doing amazing in Logan's class. It is hard to believe at the beginning of the year most of them were non-verbal and now they are talking in complete sentences! It is so exciting to see a preview of what is to come for Courtney! We had a great time and Logan's teacher, Ms. Judy, gave all of the kids a Beta fish for Christmas. So we have our first pet, Pluto, a.k.a. Sushi!

Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve my mom took a bunch of pictures of the kids by the tree, etc. Christmas morning Santa came and brought lots of goodies for the kids. When Bryan was off shift we then opened all of the presents under the tree. It was amazing because the kids never asked one time while waiting for Bryan to open any of the presents under the tree. It was so great to have my parents in town. It was just a really good Christmas!!

Friday, January 1, 2010


To start off the year I couldn't pass up posting a picture that tells it all!! Every year my Mom takes out family picture. It always seems to be last minute so we are rushing around between naps, meals, entertaining and weather! We almost didn't do them this year since I hadn't even framed last year's until two days ago, but we went for it anyway. It was around 4:30pm, a little later than my mom had wanted for lighting purposes and freezing! This picture cracks me up. My mom was snapping away when Jeremy decided to grab Logan's cheeks the way Jeremy is grabbing his. Apparently Jeremy grabbed a bit too hard which put Logan in tears. Bryan, couldn't understand why in the world Jeremy would decide to do this. Courtney was very concerned stating, "Oten sad." All the while I am just trying to remain calm!!!

In the end my mom got a great shot and the picture is already up and framed in our house!! That is the way to start 2010.

This last one is just a picture that I thought was sweet, especially since Courtney was so sour during all of the picture taking!! The only way we got her to look out at the camera was to ask her if she saw a non-existent horse. My dad even turned around pretending to wave to one! I am glad we won't be doing this for another year!!