Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Texas Move

I had to post my mom's version of the big move to San Antonio. Thanks for helping Mom and Dad - we definitely couldn't have done it without you guys!

We should have known that things would not go as anticipated when the phone message from Southwest Airlines came through as Bob and I were driving across the Richmond/San Raphael bridge on our way to the Oakland airport early on July 20. The automated voice cheerfully told us that our flight from Oakland to Los Angeles had been cancelled and to call back for more information. Frantically digging through the car’s center console, I located a scrap of paper and a pen to jot down our new flight information. Southwest had put us on a later flight, making the connection time in Los Angles about 25 minutes. Luckily we arrived at the Oakland airport with time to spare and were able to make an earlier flight to Los Angeles with a longer layover there, which enabled us to make the connecting flight to San Antonio without a hitch.

Karen, Jeremy, Logan and Courtney met us at the San Antonio airport and we headed directly north to Clear Springs for dinner. Bryan and Joey met us there with Julie Allen who was presenting a volleyball camp not far from there. Bob and I had been visiting with Julie’s parents and brother at Clear Lake, California the day before! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meal consisting of the best onion rings, fried shrimp and sweet tea anywhere! After dinner, Bryan and Joey took Julie back to Kyle, TX and the rest of us piled in the minivan and drove back to New Braunfels. Once home, we immediately started bubble wrapping and packing, still not sure exactly when escrow would close and the keys to the new house would be available.

Wednesday, July 21 escrow finally closes! We spent the entire day packing as the movers were scheduled to call the next day between 11:30 and 1:00 to let us know when they could come to load up. Bryan picked up his cousin Jamie, at the San Antonio airport at 11:30 that night. She was coming for an extended weekend to attend a conference with Karen’s company in San Antonio.

Thursday, July 22 the movers called around 9:30 AM to say they were on their way! Needless to say, we were not ready for them as we thought we had more time and still did not have the keys to the new house. Bryan and Bob filled the minivan and pickup with miscellaneous stuff from the garage and headed to San Antonio. On the way they learned the keys were available.

Jamie went with Stacey for Education Alliance training and Karen, armed with cleaning supplies drove to the new house to frantically clean the kitchen before the movers arrived. That left Joey, all three kids and me at the house to finish packing and direct the movers. Once the movers arrived and looked at all the furniture and boxes they said they would have to make two trips. It was hot, humidity was high and the kids had all their toys packed with the exception of one small box full of cars. They went outside to play and it was not long until we heard Courtney crying. Apparently she and Logan got tangled up in the swings and Courtney landed in the dirt. She was not hurt, just covered in the powdery soil.

The movers left with the first load and Joey and I held down the fort with the kids. Bryan ordered pizza for us and he and Bob returned for another load. It was sometime during the time the movers were making their second loading when Logan found the small frog by the open front door. We had to do some fast talking to persuade him not to bring the little frog inside!

Stacey dropped Jamie off late that afternoon and we boxed up the master bedroom while Joey tried to entertain three tired kids with no toys. Bob and Bryan arrived around 6:00 PM for one more load. Bryan took Joey and Jeremy while Bob and I had two exhausted little ones. They were asleep before we got out of the neighborhood!

We had Rudy’s for dinner and hauled the mattresses upstairs for the boys, Courtney, and Bob and I. We could not put any other furniture upstairs as new carpet was being installed on Monday, which was three days away. That meant almost everything was piled to the ceiling in the garage – furniture, boxes, bicycles, etc. Bryan and Bob did manage to get the new TV stand assembled and the TV hooked up in the Great Room.

Karen and Jamie did not spend that night or the next two nights at the new house as they were staying at the River Walk Marriott’s for the conference. We staggered upstairs to sleep on our mattresses on the floor to get ready for the next day. However, our rest was short lived. Logan was up at 1:30 AM sick with the 24 hour bug that Jeremy had before we arrived on Tuesday. I bathed Logan, Bryan washed bedding and Joey staggered around wondering what in the world he had signed up for! Logan was sick all night until close to 5:30 AM.

Friday, July 23 Logan was limp and tired and just wanted to be held most of the day. However, Scott, the electrician was scheduled to arrive at 9:00 AM to install six ceiling fans and repair several outlets in the kitchen. We were glad to see Scott as it was very HOT upstairs! We all started unpacking what we could. Logan was sick one last time.

That afternoon a Time-Warner cable technician came to turn on the HD service and check the Internet cables. Bryan wanted to add two more cable drops, but the worker said it was too hot to go up in the attic and to call to schedule an appointment in the morning when it was cooler.

Later that evening we walked down to the community pool to cool off and relax a little. By then Logan was feeling fine.

Saturday, July 24 we continued to unpack. Bryan and Bob made a run to the dump. We were amazed at all the trash we had accumulated in such a short time. Then we had to reshuffle all the furniture and boxes in the garage as Rachel decided to take the extra set of living room furniture – two couches, a sofa chair, and ottoman plus all the pillows. Of course all that big furniture was stacked in the back of the garage. Bryan made a run to HEB for chocolate cake and ice cream as it was my birthday. We were too tired to celebrate!

Sunday, July 25 Bryan went back to work and we continued to unpack all that we could. Karen and Jamie arrived home around 9:00 PM – just in time to snuggle Courtney, who had come down with the 24 hour bug and had thrown up earlier. Naturally, she only wanted her mom. Courtney and Karen were up all night.

Monday, July 26 the Lowe’s carpet installers arrived around 9:00 AM and began working upstairs. Bob and Joey were hit with the 24 hour bug and were down for the count. Once Bryan got home he and I began unloading the garage and carrying all the bedroom furniture for the boys room, Courtney’s room and Joey’s room upstairs. Karen had to work and Jamie went to the airport for her flight back home, so it was mostly Bryan and I. Later Bryan admitted that he did not feel 100% that day either!

Tuesday, July 27 the roofing insulation team arrived in the morning to blow in insulation in the attic, located in the boy’s room. We placed flattened boxes where we could so the workers would not track dirt and insulation on the new carpet. Thankfully, no damage was done! We decided to take a break and walked to the swimming pool for a dip.

Wednesday, July 28 Bryan went back to work in Austin and the cleaning lady, Daney, arrived at 10:00 AM. Karen had a long list of things for her to work on. She wasn’t there long, when the Time-Warner technician arrived to install the two additional cable connections in the front playroom or Wii Room, as Joey called it, and in Joey’s bedroom upstairs. The technician was supposed to go up in the attic, but as he was 6’8” and the attic floor was hard to see with all the insulation that was blown in the day before, he decided it would be best to run the cable around the outside of the house and then inside. He was in and out, up on a ladder and working hard. In a little while another technician showed up to help him. Karen went outside to deal with the next door neighbor who was unhappy that the cleaning lady’s car was partially in her driveway when she noticed the first technician sitting on the porch sweating profusely. It was hot, but not that hot. Karen asked him if he felt all right and if he would like to come inside for a drink of water and to cool off. He decided to come in, saying he felt a little dizzy. He continued to sweat buckets. His clothes were drenched in sweat. By then the other technician was inside as well and we all decided it was time to call 911. Bob and Joey had gone to Best Buy to look for some CDs and missed all the action.

A San Antonio fire engine roared up to the house, lights and siren on. After checking his vital signs, the technician decided he would have his friend drive him to the ER. When he tried to stand up, he was too dizzy so the paramedics were called and they loaded him up and off they went to the ER.

The paramedics had barely left the house when two men showed up from Lowe’s to install the new dishwasher! It didn’t take them long to move the old dishwasher out to the garage for Rachel and to install the new quiet stainless steel dishwasher.

That evening we decided to go to Chipolte for dinner, but I was hit with the 24 hour bug and remained at home. Afterwards, everyone else watched The Blind Side and ate popcorn while I remained upstairs.

Thursday, July 29 we continued to unpack. Karen and I decided to take a little break while Bob and Bryan were out shopping and Courtney was napping when Logan came running into the Great Room shouting, “There’s a flood, there’s a flood!” The downstairs toilet had overflowed! Luckily, Bryan and Bob walked in the door at that moment.

Shawn came by that afternoon to look at the hot tub and to figure out the best way to remove it and repair the damage.

We were still working our way through the garage trying to unpack all the boxes that are stacked there. That evening after dinner, Karen and I went to Target to shop for school supplies for Jeremy, Logan and Courtney.

Friday, July 30 Bryan was mowing the lawns and attacking a flowerbed in the front yard when he spotted the Rotor-Rooter truck across the street. They came over when they were finished and worked on the downstairs toilets. One toilet has bad plumbing and the other bathroom needs a toilet replaced!

Saturday, July 31 was the night Karen and I killed Sputnik, the wireless router. We were trying to set up the new wireless printer. Luckily, it was only temporary and Sputnik was up and running again by 2:00 AM.

Sunday, August 1 Bryan was back at work. We all decided to go to Mimi’s for breakfast. Karen had been there once before, so we only got a little lost. Breakfast was delicious, but that night Karen was hit with the 24 hour bug!

Monday, August 2 Karen had to work in New Braunfels. A neighbor brought over a box of cakeballs, a delicious treat. Bob and I decided to go to Clear Springs for a shrimp lunch and pick up some plastic chairs for the deck that were on sale at Target. For some unknown reason, I decided to sit on one of the plastic tables. There was a horrible screeching sound. Bob looked over and all four legs of the table were pancaked with me on top! I bounced right up, we loaded the chairs in the basket and shot out of Target. Luckily I did not break the table! We laughed all the way home.

Tuesday, August 3 Karen had to work again and we continued to move boxes from the garage. That evening Karen and I took Jeremy to the mall to the Build-A-Bear Workshop and to buy new school clothes.

Wednesday, August 4 we went to Sunshine Cottage to see the new campus. It is beautiful – a state of the art facility. Jeremy, Logan and Courtney all got to meet their teachers. Bob and I packed our suitcases and Karen took us to the airport a little early on her way to a meeting. We were delayed about 30 minutes in Denver and arrived home at 12:30 AM. I slept most of the way home!

I had to write this down as no one would believe all we went through in two short weeks!