Sunday, May 31, 2009

End of Year

I can't believe that Jeremy has already completed kindergarten! He had a great year and learned a lot. He is reading above grade level and is excited about first grade. For the end of the year they had a little graduation and awards ceremony. I wasn't able to make it to the awards ceremony, but I did make it to the graduation. They were all pretty cute!

Jeremy also finished up T-Ball. He enjoyed it, but likes racing his BMX more. He and Bryan raced last night with Bryan taking 2nd in his age group and Jeremy 3rd! I think it is great that they can share that together. Logan can't wait until he is big enough to join them. We tried to all go as a family, but Courtney and Logan were under the weather so maybe next time!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

1.5 Miles

The best news of the day is that after not running for months, I was able to run 1.5 miles in my hilly neighborhood without dying! I think if I was on flat ground I truly could have done 2-2.5, but I might be completely full of it and just tyring to make myself feel good! Either way, I am so glad I did it! I kept in mind my good friend who has 8 month old twins and already built up to 8+ miles. What is my excuse? Great motivation - thank you Lisa!

On the not so good, but okay news, our PHENOMENAL audiologist is retiring. What? The wonderful ones are supposed to work forever!! We both cried today! She is looking forward to spending time with her husband and her grand babies. I can't fault her there and hope she truly enjoys her retirement.

And, last, but not least on the not so good, but okay news, Logan has to have eye surgery again! We patch for 6 weeks and then go back on July 16th to see if that resolved the issue. However, the doctor thinks we will still have to re-do the surgery. At his follow up today the doctor was hoping to have more of an improvement. Bummer! We are hoping that we will be able to schedule it when Momo and Bobpa are here at the end of July to help out with kiddo logistics.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Okay, so I am feeling a bit emotional! The good news is we met with the geneticist yesterday and Courtney does not appear to have any type of syndrome. She is growing and progressing normally and we just need to continue working on her speech and listening skills. There is one genetic test we can do which is for a mutation in the Connexin 30 gene. More than likely we will do this blood test to see if that is the cause of her hearing impairment. Other than that we are thankful that she is a healthy beautiful little girl!

There really isn't any bad news other than this overwhelming feeling of mommy guilt I hold. Most of the time I feel like Courtney is doing great, but then I wonder if she would say more than her few words if I worked with her more. I get all crazy in my head with so many strategies that maybe I am not focusing enough on the correct ones? We narrate everything, I am sure I could read more, I haven't pulled out the animals in a while, but we do work on, up, down, open, close, on, off ALL of the time, and of course the Ling sounds. She can hear things that I never thought she would, but then she doesn't reflect that in the sound booth?!

Am I not working with her enough? It seems on the days I am supposed to work with her (Tuesdays and Thursdays) they become errand and appointment days and we really don't get any good quiet time in. Oh I feel torn. I know deep down she is doing well, but I would be lying if I said I didn't get a small pang inside when I see other hearing children her age and she is behind. Even her stinkin' teeth are behind! Almost 20 months and only one tooth!

Okay....... I am okay, I just needed to get it out.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Bryan and I had a wonderful time in Hawaii once we finally got there! Due to bad weather in Dallas we were delayed in San Antonio which caused us to miss our connecting flight in Dallas to Honolulu. Once we arrived in Dallas we ran through the airport and jumped on another flight to Las Angeles. From there we had a two hour layover and then made it to Honolulu and to the resort around 10:30pm 3:30am Texas time. We were tired, but glad to finally be there!

Little did we know while we were busy flying around the country, our sweet little Jeremy was mooning his classmates! Yes, I said mooning!! I have a mooner! As Bryan and I are out on our fist adventure to Pearl Harbor I decide to check my voice mail. Jeremy's teacher called saying that there was an "incident". Apparently a few boys thought it would be funny to play "Ennie, Meannie, Minnie, Moe.." and the one who was chosen was to pull their pants down and show their booty. Later I found out that he wasn't the only mooner and I have to admit, it made me feel a little better!

Late that same day I received a text saying that Jeremy got his knee stuck in the bleachers at gymnastics with Miss Stacy. It only took 20 minutes, 5 people and a bar of soap to get it out, but they did and he was fine. When we first got the text Bryan was worried that they had to call the fire department, they didn't, but we had to laugh. To round out the night we got a call from Stacy that the swine flu had hit our county and school was cancelled for two weeks. Oh my gosh!! So much for childcare logistics - all out the window. Thankfully, Stacy took it all in stride and the kids had a blast until Momo and Judy arrived!

For the rest of the week I was worried to check my phone! Bryan and I loved the resort! We toured around went to Pearl Harbor, Ford Island, Waikiki Beach (didn't like it), the North Shore (loved it), the temple, Polynesian Cultural Center, and much more. It was so nice to get away and reconnect. We are already planning a trip back Thanksgiving 2010 with my parents and the kids.

Momo, Judy and I had a great time once we did get home. They stayed for a few more days and it was wonderful. We had a lot of laughs! Thanks again Momo, Judy and Stacy for watching the kids - we can't thank you enough!

Here are a few pics from our trip and a few of the kids while we were gone!