Sunday, May 10, 2009


Bryan and I had a wonderful time in Hawaii once we finally got there! Due to bad weather in Dallas we were delayed in San Antonio which caused us to miss our connecting flight in Dallas to Honolulu. Once we arrived in Dallas we ran through the airport and jumped on another flight to Las Angeles. From there we had a two hour layover and then made it to Honolulu and to the resort around 10:30pm 3:30am Texas time. We were tired, but glad to finally be there!

Little did we know while we were busy flying around the country, our sweet little Jeremy was mooning his classmates! Yes, I said mooning!! I have a mooner! As Bryan and I are out on our fist adventure to Pearl Harbor I decide to check my voice mail. Jeremy's teacher called saying that there was an "incident". Apparently a few boys thought it would be funny to play "Ennie, Meannie, Minnie, Moe.." and the one who was chosen was to pull their pants down and show their booty. Later I found out that he wasn't the only mooner and I have to admit, it made me feel a little better!

Late that same day I received a text saying that Jeremy got his knee stuck in the bleachers at gymnastics with Miss Stacy. It only took 20 minutes, 5 people and a bar of soap to get it out, but they did and he was fine. When we first got the text Bryan was worried that they had to call the fire department, they didn't, but we had to laugh. To round out the night we got a call from Stacy that the swine flu had hit our county and school was cancelled for two weeks. Oh my gosh!! So much for childcare logistics - all out the window. Thankfully, Stacy took it all in stride and the kids had a blast until Momo and Judy arrived!

For the rest of the week I was worried to check my phone! Bryan and I loved the resort! We toured around went to Pearl Harbor, Ford Island, Waikiki Beach (didn't like it), the North Shore (loved it), the temple, Polynesian Cultural Center, and much more. It was so nice to get away and reconnect. We are already planning a trip back Thanksgiving 2010 with my parents and the kids.

Momo, Judy and I had a great time once we did get home. They stayed for a few more days and it was wonderful. We had a lot of laughs! Thanks again Momo, Judy and Stacy for watching the kids - we can't thank you enough!

Here are a few pics from our trip and a few of the kids while we were gone!


Melissa said...

I couldnt stop laughing! Jermey is such a hoot. Just think what you have to look forward too- for the next---- what 15 years. I love the pics of your trip. You look so dark and skinny. Looks like you had a great time. I for reals cant believe how much your kids look alike. ADORABLE!!!!!

Sells Family said...

Sounds like you guys had a lot of guys are so cute!!! I love you hair, it's so light.
Check out my new blog...
We are coming down the week of June 19th. My friend Mindy will be with me. It would be fun to go out and do a girl thing.
E-mail me your number, I lost it

Amber said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! I love Oahu, and I see you tried the world famous Motsumotos! To die for! We just got back from the Big Island in March. It is so nice to have time to be together as a couple. take care

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