Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just Another Day at T-Ball

Things are moving along nicely here at the Kohler house - thank goodness because Mommy and Daddy are off to Hawaii for a week on Monday!! Yahoo!! It is a bit of a logistical nightmare coordinating the kids with friends, but fortunately Stacy, Momo and Miss Judy are jumping in! Thank you! I am anxious to see how the week goes while we are gone - especially after today.

While at Jeremy's Tball practice, Logan (potty training) decided to take his pants off at the playground and tee tee! From a distance it looked like he was peeing on a little girl! Another mom hollers at me to look and the mother of the little girl and I run across the field to check it out. Meanwhile I totally leave Courtney in the dust! Bryan is on shift, of course! It turns out he was just showing her that he peed on his shorts on accident and couldn't pull up his underwear. It was a good teaching moment about being polite and not peeing outside or in front of girls. And, to tell Mommy or Daddy when you have to go, not to just whip it out! During my lovely teaching moment I hear another mother yell, "Ma'am, uh, your daughter..." Courtney had walked clear across the field and is half way up the stairs to the jungle gym. Holy crap!

I scooped her up and gathered my kids to headed back - a bit embarrassed and wondering what all the other people think of the Kohlers?! Especially, since at this point Courtney was walking dragging Jeremy's bat. Jeremy was proud of his hat full of rocks he collected during practice, rather than actually practicing. And Logan was walking in nothing but a T-shirt, red monkey underwear and blue crocs! All I could do was laugh! The sad thing is that is about par for the course for me!!


Lisa said...

Jeff and I are cracking up! Momo, Stacy and Miss Judy are in for a fun week.

Melissa said...

im jealous that you and brian are off in hawaii as i am writing this- but its a well earned and needed.
oh my oh my oh my... i would have LOVED to see you in the mist of it all. I would have been laughing so hard! I could only picture Logan.... totally something Parker would do. What am i thinking having another?? I will be in the same boat as you in a year from now- and Im sure i will have a similar post. :) I hope you are loving every moment. Next time make the trip to visit me :) it beats hawaii anyday. :) ya right!

Landon's Mom said...

That was hilarious! I know just how you feel :)