Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Place

During Bryan's early teens he started BMX bike racing. He was pretty good at it and continued off and on until we had Jeremy. Since Jeremy learned how to ride a bike he has become more interested in BMX bikes and racing. Bryan could not be more excited to have his son interested in something he did! We found a racing bike on Craig's List for Jeremy on Thursday and went to pick it up in Austin. It just so happened that there was a race at the Lonestar track in San Antonio.

We loaded everyone up in the car and off to SA we went. The kids all had a great time despite the cold weather. Bryan was quite nervous as to whether or not Jeremy was really going to like it when he got out on the track. Let me tell you, he had nothing to worry about! After a few practice runs, and several crashes, Jeremy along with three other 5 and under riders took the track. Jeremy not only won the first moto, he smoked 'em!!

Because he won the first moto he automatically qualified for the main race. I am not sure who was more nervous for the race, Bryan or Jeremy! Before Jeremy's big race they had a cookie monster run where Logan got to race his hot wheel and loved it.

After Logan's victory stroll it was time for Jeremy to race again. Oh, he was the cutest thing you have ever seen! He took off, pedaled the entire time and took first place! He did so good!! Bryan was so proud of him, we all were. He got a first place plaque that is already hung on the wall. However, we overheard him tell Gigi that Logan got the best prize for "winning" his race, Little Debbie donuts. We had to laugh!