Friday, January 1, 2010


To start off the year I couldn't pass up posting a picture that tells it all!! Every year my Mom takes out family picture. It always seems to be last minute so we are rushing around between naps, meals, entertaining and weather! We almost didn't do them this year since I hadn't even framed last year's until two days ago, but we went for it anyway. It was around 4:30pm, a little later than my mom had wanted for lighting purposes and freezing! This picture cracks me up. My mom was snapping away when Jeremy decided to grab Logan's cheeks the way Jeremy is grabbing his. Apparently Jeremy grabbed a bit too hard which put Logan in tears. Bryan, couldn't understand why in the world Jeremy would decide to do this. Courtney was very concerned stating, "Oten sad." All the while I am just trying to remain calm!!!

In the end my mom got a great shot and the picture is already up and framed in our house!! That is the way to start 2010.

This last one is just a picture that I thought was sweet, especially since Courtney was so sour during all of the picture taking!! The only way we got her to look out at the camera was to ask her if she saw a non-existent horse. My dad even turned around pretending to wave to one! I am glad we won't be doing this for another year!!


Andersoa6 said...

We love the Kohlers. I loved all the pictures. Thanks for being so good about updating your blog. I need to follow your example. I love hearing how y'all are doing. Karen I don't know if you have our new address for my 1099. Here it is 337 South 100 West Manti, UT 84642 Love you guys. Tell the kids hi for Aunty Arlene.

britni said...

Aw..what a beautiful family!

Lisa said...

You look beautiful, Karen. And calm through it all doesn't surprise me one bit. And I'm so excited to have more Kohler blogs and photos to catch up on today! Hooray!