Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Kohler, we wouldn't expect anything less!"

I had the weirdest day ever yesterday....

Bryan and I woke up to the normal sounds of the boys running down the hallway and Courtney hollering to let us know she is awake. The boys went into Courtney's room to get her out of her crib when we heard a crash. Again, nothing out of the ordinary, with three kids things are always crashing!! With Courtney sounding a little uncomfortable I got up to investigate.

I found Courtney on the ground on the side of her crib with Jeremy crouched beside her and Logan half way into the crib to jump on the bed. As I scooped up Courtney to put her "ears" on and change her I asked Jeremy if they fell over while he was getting her out. He told me, "No, she just fell into the wall." I thought yeah right and went on about my business. Courtney was still fussing which she sometimes does when I change her. As I finished changing her and sat her up on the changing table she took a nose dive into the wall. Okay that was weird.

I picked her up to console her when she started swaying back and forth. She seemed out of it. I took her into my bedroom and sat her on the bed, she fell over again. Her head was still swaying back and forth. Okay, I began to panic. Bryan immediately jumped up and went to the computer. I tried to put her down, she fell over. She had no balance what so ever. Then, she began throwing up. I was ready to take her to the ER!!

Fortunately I have a sane husband who told me it was probably all related to her ear infection that she was taking oral antibiotics for since Friday. It all sounded good in theory, but as of Friday, she had tubes in both ears, so why was her equilibrium off? I called my girlfriend who was supposed to come over to let the kids play. I told her I wasn't sure what was going on, but that we were going to call the doctor as soon as they opened.

The doctor takes about 50 minutes to get to so at 8:09 Bryan told her I could make it there by 9 as we all stood there in our pajamas. Ahhh! I made it there just a few minutes late. By the time we arrived Courtney seemed better and kept asking to get down. I tried, but she couldn't walk. She would just fall over. She would look at me with these big eyes confused as to what was going on. We quickly went back and saw the PA. He checked out her ears and confirmed that she did have an ear infection and that that could be why she is off balance, etc., but he wanted to consult with the doctor to be sure because it isn't normal.

As he stepped out the panic set in. I texted my mom freaking out. What?! Can't we just suction her ear and move on? About an hour later he comes back in and tells me that he and the doctor both think her imbalance is due to her ear infection and that she doesn't have a tube in her left ear. Somehow between Friday and Monday she had lost her tube. She was having negative pressure in her ear which may effect her balance. He changed her antibiotic to a stronger one and said that we were to come back in 10-14 days to see if she has improved. And, informed me that more than likely she would need to have another set of tubes put in. So off we went two hours later.

I called home where my friend had already arrived and another one on the way. Bryan informed me that Logan had a doctor's appointment with the dermatologist because he had a few HUGE boils on his bum. He has had this before and it was staph, so to the doctor he went. I picked up pizza for all of us on the way home. When I go there we let little girl down and she would zig and zag and crash to the ground. Now, when our kids have come off of sedation drugs we chuckled when they stumbled around like little drunks, but this made my heart hurt. She would be calling my name and just fall down. Oh, it made my heart hurt.

She slowly improved, but she was definitely tired. I put her down for a nap, tried to visit with my girlfriends and got Bryan and Logan out the door when the phone rang. The showing service wanted to know if a realtor could show our house in an hour from 3-5. Thank goodness for true friends who helped me run around and pick up my house. The day was seeming so crazy. I apologized to my friends who one of them told me, "Kohler, we don't expect anything less!" Great, a bout of some sort of vertigo and a possible staph infection seems normal for the Kohlers to my friends.

In the middle of all of this the pharmacy called and said that they or their sister companies didn't have the antibiotic in stock. After Bryan and I discussed that it isn't the first time we have had to go to Austin for a prescription (some crazy drug when Logan contracted giardia) the pharmacy calls back and said that they don't have it, but they do have the name brand for $25. What?! If you would have told me that to begin with, we would have agreed to forgo the generic and saved the headache!

I wake Courtney up to go meet Bryan and Logan to head to the outlet mall to get shoes for the kids since we had nothing else to good. Hind sight, not a good idea. What was I thinking taking a contagious staph infected boy out in public! I am one of "those" people now! Logan does have a staph infection and boils did burst which is completely disgusting, but apparently has to happen or you have to lance it off. The doctor took a culture and sent it off to rule out MRSA. What?! That can't be good!

So, all the kids got new shoes, we picked up our prescriptions and headed home. We fed and bathed the kids and bleached half the house! It was a weird day. Courtney is doing much better, but still a little off balance when she first touches ground. Logan has improved as well. Oh, the potential buyers liked the house, loved the floors, but it wasn't quite big enough for them! Maybe next time!


Lisa said...

"I don't know how she juggles all that stuff. That is nuts. And she's running TWO BUSINESSES!" - Jeff

Hang in there, and you should call me when you're in crisis for a change. My issues seem so small in comparison. Craziness!

ballantyneclan said...

only this would happen to you Karen! but you are the only one that could laugh it off while it was all happening. :) glad to know that it wasn't anything serious w/ Courtney not having balance. poor Logan. at least Jeremy is ok. 1 out of 3.... not so bad.

good luck w/ the house, it will happen. i will cross my fingers for you. let me know when your coming out here.