Friday, March 18, 2011

My Sweet Jeremy

It seemed like it would take forever until I would be standing at the airport watching an airplane take off with my sweet Jeremy in it. We told him when he was seven he could fly alone to California. A week ago tomorrow I was there in the Austin airport squeezing him goodbye and packing his bags with extra gum, candy, books and movies. Where has the time gone? He seems all grown up!

He is having the time of his life out there. He spent this first week with Bryan's grandma and grandpa (Gigi and Grandpa) and next week with my parents (Momo and Bobpa). I was so nervous no one would be at the gate for him when he got there, but of course Gigi and Gpa were both there with plenty of time to spare. I am not sure who was more excited, them or Jeremy? They scooped him up and got him pizza from one of our favorite pizza places in CA. I asked him tonight what his favorite part so far has been. He told me, "Watching the first three episodes of Star Wars over and over." Gigi has truly spoiled him rotten with games, toys, movies, and milk shakes!

One treasure Jeremy may not realize until later in life is the opportunity he had to go with Gigi and Gpa to the Pearl Harbor Survivors meeting last Sunday. Gpa has been doing several speaking engagements at different schools, parades, political gatherings, etc. recounting his experience at Pearl Harbor. Here is one of his amazing stories. They meet once a month at Fudruckers. Gpa is one of the youngest survivors and we are so thankful for his dedication and service for our country.

Next week Jeremy is going with my parents to Monterey to camp. It is supposed to rain so we shall see what happens. He's excited and definitely looking forward to playing with his cousins. Can't wait to see pictures!

Jeremy is an amazing kid with a heart of gold. He continues to always help us with anything as well as his brother and sister. He is so smart, and truly loves to learn. He just started piano lessons and is loving it. His teacher told him he has a bright future in music! Jeremy loves playing, writing, legos and Star Wars! That kid knows every character, planet, scene from those movies. I can't keep my own kids' names straight let alone movie characters!! He has had a rough few months between pneumonia, strep throat and a double ear infection. I think before all of this he has only had to have antibiotics once or twice at the most. I don't know what happened this year!!

He did finally start losing teeth. About a month and half ago he lost his first tooth. Amen! His second one fell out about two weeks ago. I came in one morning to wake the boys up for school and he was so upset because the tooth fairy didn't come. I asked him where he put the tooth and he said under his pillow. I asked him how come he didn't tell me he lost his tooth. No reply. Then I had to turn on the light to find the tooth. I reassured him that the tooth fairy surely came, she just wasn't able to find the tooth like we weren't able to. Whew! So the next night the tooth fairy came!

He is growing up so fast, in fact, the doctor said he is the average size of an eleven year old! He is definitely a Kohler! I am so thankful for my sweet Jeremy. I miss him tons this week while he is in CA, but I know he is having the best time and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Have fun Jeremy, we love you!

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