Sunday, April 17, 2011

3 Reasons I am Thankful for CI's

1. The kids and I were at a fun indoor/outdoor restaurant yesterday for lunch with a friend and her kids. As my friend, Erin, and I were chatting away I heard the loud speaker, "Will the mother of Courtney please come to the front." I wasn't sure if Courtney was hurt or what. I walked in to see Courtney standing in front talking to a worker. As soon as she spotted me she said with both hands out to the side, "Mommy, there you are! I couldn't find you!"

While I am so happy she can say all of that, I am most thankful that my profoundly deaf little girl can say her name. No signing. She can tell someone when she is lost. She can tell them her name! She is independent. Something 2 and a half years ago we didn't know if she would be able to do. I love it!

2. This morning Courtney comes running into my room and says as she points to both of her ears, "I want my ears on." I tell her to go get a battery. Without her ears on she says back, "Get a battery?" I sleepily nod my head yes. A few minutes pass and she bolts back into my room and yells, "I can't find my cochlear implants!" Yep, at 3 1/2 she knows she wears cochlear implants and knows they are different than hearing aids. She knows when they work, when they are on the wrong ear and when they need a new battery. And she can TELL me all of that! She amazes me! I love it!

3. I love the sound of her sweet voice. Something she wouldn't have without CI's. What is funny is when I tell her, "Oh Courtney I love your voice!" She always says, "Mommy, I'm not a boys I am a girl." I guess voice and boys sound similar! It cracks me up every time! Her sweet voice the other day saw mine and Bryan's wedding picture. She told me I was a princess and Bryan was the bad guy! I love it!


WisDeaf said...

I am very pleased that you are doing very well with the CI. Congratulation! It is great that you are able to hear your kids talking with you. Best wishes for the years to come.

I am bilateral CI adult from Wisconsin.

Again, I hope things will smooth for all of you! :)


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