Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We have hope!

Today Bryan and I took Courtney to have her hearing test and ENT consult. First, we met with the audiologist to check for fluid and do a hearing test. The test for fluid was consistent with fluid in the ears. Relief. I was so worried that we were going to go in and there wasn't going to be any fluid, I needed some hope. Next, we went into a sound proof room where the audiologist checked her hearing. Again, not even a blink of an eye up to 70 decibels (the most she could do without the use of headphones). Needless to say she completely failed the hearing test which we knew she would.

We then met Dr. Bonilla, an amazing doctor, who confirmed there was fluid in both ears, maybe even more in her right ear. She has had more ear infections in her right ear than her left. He felt that because she passed her hearing screening at birth, the fact that Logan has a history of ear infections and tubes, she has had several ear infections and there was fluid in her ears that there is a good chance that all she needs is tubes. However, to rule everything out he suggested that we do the ABR test at the same time we do the tubes. He also suggested that we do this sooner than later and scheduled the procedure for next Wednesday at 1pm.

Bryan and I felt so good about Dr. Bonilla and that he made the same suggestions that we were prepared to advocate for. Again, relief! He expressed the importance of early detection so we can get the correct treatment needed if there is a hearing loss. If there is he will do a complete health overview to rule out anything else in her system that may be causing the hearing loss.

In the end, he assured Bryan and I that there can be a significant hearing loss with fluid in the ears. We are hopeful that by next Wednesday our baby girl will hear us and turn our way when we call her name. Again, we thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers. We will keep you posted!

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Team Freschi said...

Heard the news from Grandma and Aunt Pam and so pleased to hear a positive outcome! Always in our thoughts and prayers....
Love, Team Freschi