Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Now is the Time to be Deaf"

We are definitely in a surreal world today as the Audiologist and ENT told us that Courtney has a profound hearing loss. It just wasn't what we wanted to hear. We are overwhelmed with emotions - heavy heart is an understatement.

Before the procedure the doctors told us it would take about 30 minutes. After an hour and ten minutes or so I finally had them call to see what was going on. She was still in surgery was all they could tell us. Within ten minutes the Audiologist and ENT walked towards us. I knew immediately something was wrong. They normally call you on the phone, but they pulled up a chair to talk. My heart sank and I cried.

They told us she was doing fine, they put the tubes in, but after several tests there was no response in either ear, which translates to a profound hearing loss. Dr. Bonilla discussed that we will grieve and that if we don't now we will at some point. Bryan's eyes began to water and turn red. He told us we will have to begin a series of tests to ensure that there isn't something else in her body causing the hearing loss. We have to schedule a CT scan of her head and brain and see a neurologist to discuss the possibility of cochlear implants. They reassured us that we caught it early and that technology has come a long way in the last ten years. As Bryan put it, "Now is the time to be deaf." The doctor felt that she probably was born with this hearing loss and they are looking into her records as to why and how she passed her newborn hearing screening test. Dr. Bonilla expressed that it is okay to hop on the Internet and to bring any questions, concerns, etc. to our appointment next week where we will discuss Courtney's treatment plan.

After we finished with the Audiologist and Dr.Bonilla they took us back to see Courtney. We both lost it. Seeing our sweet baby girl not awake yet from surgery, knowing that she couldn't hear us was more than we could handle. As we drove home we realized that our whole life changed today. We know that we will do anything and everything we can for her. Tomorrow we are headed to Sunshine Cottage School for the Deaf ( ) to get more information and sign up for the Parent Infant Program. We aren't sure what to do with ourselves, but we are certainly trying to stay positive.

Thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers. We will keep you posted on our new journey!


Heather & Bryce said...

Karen, we are praying for you, Bryan and Courtney! Like Bryan said "now is the time to be deaf" is amazing and I'm sure Dr. Bonilla is a great doctor that will be able to help you guys find the best technology to help Courtney. And miraculous things do happen! :) We're thinking about you guys!

Melissa said...

I wish I could say or do something to take all of this away... Karen I am so truly, deeply sorry. My heart goes out to you and Bryan. Please know that you are in my thoughs and prayers! I know that you both are strong people and will NOT give up until you have done everything, every program, every test to see if there is something that still can be done. We love you guys and want you to know that we are here (in a far way) if you need a shoulder (or a phone)to lean on! Were all praying for you guys....

Bob said...

Karen and Bryan,
Lisa let us know about Courtney and I came to your blog to read what you had written. My immediate reaction is how blessed she is to have you for parents. Anne and I will pray repeatedly for your strength and courage. We will ask for a miracle. God will care for you and your family in His own time and in His own way. He has done so with our family and the answers were not always what we wished nor when we asked. But they were profound.

Bob and Anne (Lisa's parents)

Doug & Donna said...

Dear Karen and Bryan, we too just found out and we feel that Bryce&Heather, Bob&Anne, and Melissa couldn't have said it any better -- you two,with God's help will find the BEST possible solution for Courtney's situation and you won't stop until you've exhausted all possibilities. You'll be in my prayers that something miraculous will happen -miracles happen everyday,why not for you. Love you , Doug & Donna