Monday, June 16, 2008

Quick Update

This morning we called the Pediatric ENT and were able to get in on Wednesday. They will do a hearing test and then we will meet with the doctor. We spoke with a lady at The Sunshine Cottage School for the Deaf, , where they do hearing evaluations as well, and she said that there is a good chance it could just be fluid in her ears. She recommended that we push for an ABR test if the doctor is going to do tubes. Apparently this is a wonderful test that has to be done in babies older than 6 months under anesthesia. Through this test they can see the sound all the way to the brain and see the brain response. Along the way if there is a hearing loss, it will tell exactly where the problem is. If we can get this test done we will know sooner than later if it is a true hearing loss or not.

She also confirmed that Dr. Bonilla is a great doctor, so we feel that we will be in good hands! Thank you for all of your prayers! Hopefully we will know more Wednesday.


Melissa said...

Karen- I am sooooo glad that you are totally on top of this and talked to someone who knows what they are doing, talking about and what testing you need to get done. We are praying for Courtney and you-& the family. Please keep us posted.
I am glad you started a blog :)

Lisa said...

Thanks so much for the update. You and Bryan are doing an awesome job advocating for Courtney and getting her the right care in place. Love you guys and we'll keep the prayers coming.