Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Since we found out about Courtney one of the things, among many, is how she could swim. I know how kids swim and learn how to swim, but how would we teach her when her CIs were off while in the water. I haven't looked into the heavy duty swim caps she could possible wear with her CIs yet. I don't really understand them to be honest! So without "ears" on we have embarked on this humbling experience!

First, Courtney LOVES the water! She has no fear, which is scary! Since it has been so hot, a few weeks ago I took all 3 kids by myself to the YMCA. Yes, I know, I am crazy! The boys were awesome. They knew where to stay and always called out when I called to them. Courtney was a crazy girl! She would get out, run around, jump in. Over and over again! The other people in the pool were looking and thinking this girl does not behave as I kept telling her not to run, etc. Everyone was nice and once I explained they helped me try to contain her! While I was dying inside because she couldn't hear me, she was having the time of her life. She has also discovered if she takes her CIs off and doesn't look at me or if she closes her eyes then she doesn't have to obey. Oh, it was crazy! There was none of this I am embarrassed to be in a swimsuit on my part. I was leaping up, down, running through shallow water, up on the edge of the pool, etc. to ensure she didn't go under.

After about an hour I was exhausted! I put her "ears" back on and talked about everything we did in the pool. A few days later we went again to a friend's neighborhood pool. She did great! This time she wanted to wear a life jacket since Logan was. We stayed in the kitty pool and she go the hang of getting her feet under her, hollering for help when she needed it, etc. After 3 hours we were done and I have to admit I was glad to put her "ears" back on to talk about our day and hear her voice again. She talks a little without the CIs on, but nothing like when they are on.

I am working on an experience book to give her the language for all of the things we do and see while at the pool. Especially no running or jumping in without an adult!! I am glad we finally "dove" into swimming! You can't live in Texas and not get in the water!


Lucas'Mommy said...

I hear you about the swimming and CIs! That's a great idea about creating an experience book about swimming & the pool. I have to tell you though, that we waterproof Lucas's CI and it makes such a difference. We use a waterproof aloksak bag (fancy ziploc bag) and a lycra swim cap. It works like a charm. Right now, I wouldn't have it any other way. I have more info posted on my blog about waterproofing, if you're interested. :)

tammy said...

We just went to Florida and I wish we would've done the aloksak bag like Jen's talking about above. I'm nervous to try it and figured he'd be fine a little bit without his CIs, but I really wish he could've heard us. We did the same thing, and talked about it before and after, but what a great idea to make an experience book on swimming!