Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Guitar Lessons

Tomorrow will mark Jeremy's second guitar lesson, but I didn't want his first one to go by without blogging about it. He was so excited! Bryan went into a local music shop and spoke to them about Jeremy wanting to take lessons. Bryan ended up signing him up for 1 month and came home with a guitar, picks and case. All of the kids wanted to play it. The guy told Bryan Jeremy is a little young, but to try it out and see.

So, off they went last week. I met Bryan and the boys and took Logan and Courtney so Bryan and Jeremy could go to their first lesson. I was glad because I was nervous for some reason. We all met up for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and I got the scoop. His teacher told Bryan that he is very bright and seems to catch on very quickly and was really surprised due to his age (6). They had their lesson and his teacher assigned him an actual song. He told us to just "see" what happens. Don't force anything, just see if he wants to practice, if he likes it, and if he "catches" on. The teacher told us that he told Jeremy he was smart, his reply was, "I know and funny, too." Needless to say we had a mini lesson on what to do when someone gives you a compliment, you simply say thank you. However, we did think it was funny!

That night he came home and taught me everything he learned. I can honestly say I am not cut out for the guitar. I can't even get my fingers to work on a youth guitar!! Jeremy wants to sing while he plays, but hasn't mastered that just yet. He can, however, play Hot Cross Buns! It is just too stinkin' cute! He absolutely loves it and I am anxious to see what happens tomorrow!


Lisa said...

We MUST have video! I love it.

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