Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Jeremy!

Dear Jeremy,

I can't believe you are 6 today. You are growing up so fast! You are turning into such a polite young boy. Daddy and I can't thank you enough for all of your help with Logan and Courtney. You are kind, loving, and tender hearted. We miss you very much, but know you are having so much fun in California with your grandparents.

Over the past year you started school and are reading above grade level. You have a love of learning and your mind never stops, or your mouth for that matter! You started racing BMX bikes with Daddy and are doing quite well with it. It was also your first year for soccer and T-Ball. When the "little ones" are napping you always whip out the crayons and color pages upon pages. And, for some reason, you love to sing and can actually carry a tune!! You love to go to church and say the most heart felt prayers. We are so thankful we have you as part of our family. You are strong, determined and a great role model for your little brother and sister.

Thank you so much for the best 6 years! We can't wait for the next 6 and many more to come.


Hey buddy!!!! I want to wish you a happy 6th birthday. You are growing up so fast. I'm very proud of the little man you are becoming. I'm so proud of how polite and thoughtful you are. We'll race bikes more when you get back to Texas. I love you Jeremy!!! -Dad


Melissa said...

happy birthday jeremy. i cant believe he is that big already. and happy anniversary to you and brian. i thought about you on the
4th. how many yrs has it been? call me when you have free time. i havent talked to you in some time. hope all is well. miss you.

Andersoa6 said...

Malia misses you Jeremy. Happy happy birthday my buddy pal!!!!!