Friday, October 31, 2008

New Sounds!

Since Courtney's activation on October 3rd she has begun to make baby noises. It warms our hearts every time we hear her!


Melissa said...

how exciting! it wont be long before she starts talking!parker was watching the video w/ me and he was asking "who is that" I said thats Logans sister. he said- Logan, I want to see logan again. I said hes in texas. he said- lets go to texas so i can see my friend logan.(pause for a few secs) now mom ... One day karen we will meet up!

Landry said...

What amazing mimicking!!! Landry was activated about 2 weeks ago and we're starting to see some of the same-isn't it a miracle? Keep up the great work-we'll have fun checking in on Courtney's progress!!